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Air Foundation School System Provides
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The Curriculum
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Code of Conduct
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Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
Rules & Regulations






Consequence 1 Warning.
Consequence 2 Stay 1 minute at the end of class.
Consequence 3 Stay 3 minutes at the end of class.
Consequence 4 Time at break/lunch time to have a discussion with the class teacher.
Consequence 5 Phone call/letter to parents.
Severe Clause: Sent to Principal/ Vice Principal.

The above system of agreed rules, rewards and consequences works well for the vast majority of children at Air Foundation School System. In each class, there are a few children for whom the system does not work so well and who need a more individual system of agreed rewards and consequences. These are set up by the class teacher, in collaboration with the child, parents, School Prefect and Disciplinary Committee.




Head Office: 92 Street No 6 G-8/2 Islamabad.  Tel: 051-2852694, 2853296 I

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